About Us

The Badger Brigade is a project that started with Joe Freeman and his HoneyBadger Garage. In short, we are a group of drivers that enjoy doing what many consider to be stupid, indulgent things with cars. Some of us made previous attempts to join race teams and found them lacking in one way or another, while others in the Brigade are the lone-wolf type that wandered in and never left.

The Team

“Team” – whether the right word or not – implies collaborative efforts towards a common goal. In reality, I don’t know that any of the Badgers has any clue what our end goal is, but we sure give each other a lot of shit along the way. We challenge each other to push towards “better”, whatever that may imply. Car runs weird? Fix it. Car looks like a bucket? Clean it up. Running a slower time than you should be? Be better. It’s really the only thing we all can agree on, honestly. If you’re interested in our individual Badgers, check out their Bios in the “About Us” drop down.

The Website

So then, why the website? Collectively, we don’t really know, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. It’s a catch-all for our own thoughts and coverage (Personal Blogs), pictures (Gallery), and maybe, if you fancy, a place for you to find some cool stuff (The Store). We also wanted to make this place a welcoming site for like-minded enthusiasts and drivers who wanted to be a part of the community. You can register, comment, and follow along with any and all of our shenanigans. Reach out to us, we don’t usually bite. Ask questions, suggest events, give us ideas on how to get more people involved in sanctioned automotive sports.

The Payoff

Ultimately, we want to create a space for the community – including those not involved in automotive sports – to see what we’re really about. Why do we love cars, and racetracks, and spending ridiculous amounts of money on something we treat so terribly? Our reward is getting the everyday-member of the community not only interested, but supporting automotive sports. Without the community, we will continue to lose racetracks and we will continue to be unfairly punished by laws that were made in response to people that don’t share our passions and values. We may not be the cutest or most cuddly, but even if you never buckle into a harnessed bucket seat, or attend a competition event, we want to be a positive presence and example of what racing really is.