Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many, if not all of our planned events for the 2020 season have been cancelled or rescheduled. While we will leave this calendar up in the hopes of a rapid return to life-as-it-was, we cannot and will not urge a premature decision to risk the health of others. The BadgerBrigade has always advocated for safety and responsibility, so regardless of your thoughts on policies, we hope you take steps to protect those who may be at-risk while we all sit on the sidelines and wait for life as we knew it to resume. Stay safe, racers!

The Badger Brigade is currently home to two competition drift drivers, Joe Freeman (the HoneyBadger himself) and Miguel Senquiz. Aside from the totally-legal-and-not-at-all-sketchy pulls and slides around the Den, Freeman and Senquiz currently compete in the Outlaw Drift series, with the occasional big boy competition or demonstration. Below, you can see the general calendar for the Badger Brigade Drift Team, as well as the individual event organization(s) we will be participating with. Because of the balls-to-the-walls nature of drifting and the distance between venues, below is the shotgun-aim of events, subject to spotty attendance at the will of our cars.

2020 Drift Calendar

  • January 26 – Las Vegas Motor Speedway (VegasDrift)
  • March 7 – Irwindale Speedway (The Drift League)
  • May 23/24/25 – Pat’s Acres, OR (PARC Drift Summer Jam)
  • July 18 – Sonoma Raceway (Summer Jam)
  • July 19 – Pat’s Acres, OR (PARC Drift Thrash Bash)
  • July 25 – Irwindale Speedway (The Drift League)
  • September 5/6 – Pat’s Acres, OR (PARC Drift Fest)
  • Sept 26 – Irwindale Speedway (The Drift League)
  • October 24/25 – Willow Springs Raceway (Just Drift All Star Bash)
  • November 7 – Irwindale Speedway (The Drift League)
  • December 2020 TBA – Sonoma Raceway (Winter Jam)