The Coverage

In the drop down Coverage menu, you’ll find our Personal Blogs, External Coverage and our Photo Gallery. We try to post as often as we think you guys care to hear, but we get busy. Or distracted. In other words, sometimes we forget to update you guys on the goings-on of the Brigade. Other times, other people just do way better than us covering events. In any sense, we want to make sure you guys don’t miss out, so we share external coverage here too, along with any links to their work.

How Does this Work?


Just kidding. If we get tagged or see our handiwork (read: shit storms) out and about in the world wide interwebs, we’ll share it here with our Brigadiers. With the authors permission, we’ll share their work with you guys, as well as a link to their original work. We don’t want to take from the original authors, and we make sure we have their say-so, but our goal is to be a hub to different sites, writers, and photographers.

What does that mean for the independent or small-time writers, photographers, and journalists? Well…

To the Struggling Artists and Writers of the World

We want to support our followers and patrons. If you (yes, you) have any coverage of any of our events and want to have your piece featured here, shoot us an email. You might even get paid. We’re looking for quality, so sorry to the potato photographers and uhm, like, u kno, writers out there. But rest assured, we feast with those we starved with, so it never hurts to ask. We link all our sources, which means more traffic for your site, and we like to think of this as a mutual relationship. If you have any questions, drop us a line.